This is going to be a simple review about a burger and where it came from.

Home Burgers?

It’s a fast food place with a simple menu. You have only three “meat” choices: Beef, Chicken or Veggie. You can choose either single or double patties, you can add cheese and bacon, and the option to remove the “salad” (lettuce and tomatoes).

That’s it. No more, no less.

This is a good thing. They are committed to making a good burger, that’s why they don’t have more options in the menu. This also helps with the “kitchen-to-mouth” time, as the cooks only have to learn the making of small selection of “plates”.

They of course have fries and milkshakes, which you can add to your order if you want.

Show me the burger!

Here it is:


The picture is not great, I admit. And as you can see it’s just a burger.

It was a single beef patty, cheese, bacon, and “salad”. It was GOOD. I have also gone there before, so the novelty and first taste feeling is long gone now, but it doesn’t change my opinion about this burger, it’s very good.

The meat has an excellent flavor. It’s tender and cooked perfectly. The buns don’t interfere with the flavor at all, and cheese and bacon is still cheese and bacon.

This burger came with their Home sauce, which has a tangy flavor. It’s almost like ranch, but not quite. It tastes good to me, at least, and it doesn’t mute the flavor of the meat.

All in all, I liked it. That’s why I keep coming back.

What do I think?

Although it’s not the best burger out there, it’s also just a burger. Sometimes I just want a good traditional hamburger, no specialty ingredients, no extravagant flavors, no towering pile of things inside the buns. Just. A. Burger.

I recommend it to anyone who wants a fast hamburger with good flavor. An excellent alternative to all the boutique places that seem to be popping out everywhere these days.